• A&K ACR Masada stock latch

    After a rather long flight and a hard landing I broke the stock button on my A&K Masada. I felt really bad for it especially because the spare one is nowhere to be found. I found quite a few options: to buy the whole ACR Stock in one of the US airsoft shops which would cost me $65 with shipping, or to 3D-print the button in Shapeways, which would cost me about 60 EUR with shipping. I also took a chance and wrote directly to A&K asking to sell me the spare button. They kept the silence for 20 days and then agreed to sell one for $6. But when I asked them about the shipping they went completely mute for a month and staying that way.
    The part which is available at Shapeways made by Portuguese airsofters. I also wrote to them, but had no response which is predictable considering their page hadn't been updated for one year.
    Fortunately, my friend Infidel (Alexander Kotsenko) helped me and created two 3D models of the stock latch. The first one is the original button with slightly enlarged hook. But after the first printing we find out that it's not well suitable for PLA and PET polymers. The problem was with the small stopping latch which keeps the button inside the stock. This latch broke down immediately during the button installation. We had to alter the model: the height of the stopping latch was slightly increased and the claw - slightly reduced. And it was enough for the button to be installed properly after a little bit of sanding.

    Download links are below:

    Stock latch ver.1 [original] STL.zip

    Stock latch ver.2 [modified for PLA] STL.zip
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