• Gear Head Works: цевьё Tavor Modular Forearm и антабка Fulcrum Located Extra swivel

    Производитель специальных аксессуаров Gear Head Works выпустил цевьё Tavor Modular Forearm и антабку Fulcrum Located Extra swivel. Но для установки на страйкбольную версию винтовки могут понадобиться некоторые модификации.
    Tavor Modular Forearm (TMF) $125

    • Compatible with 1” bodied lights or the Surefire Millennium and Scout series lights.
    • Slots provide additional ventilation over the factory forearm as well as the ability to accept the Magpul MOE rail sections.
    • Front end cap is a rock solid one piece mount providing 7/8” of clamping contact on your light and 3 points of contact bolting it to the forearm body.
    • End cap gives a finished look and keeps dirt out of the front.
    • Cerakote finish provides an insulating property over anodized aluminum. Anodizing increases the exothermic properties of aluminum which makes it hotter to the touch over even bare aluminum.
    • Remote tape switch is run out the back and around to the side for convenient routing.
    • The TMF is available in black or FDE

    Fulcrum Located Extra swivel (FLEx) $55

    Источник: www.gearheadworks.com
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