Просмотр полной версии : Encyclopedia of Terrorism

01.02.2007, 15:06
Author : Harvey W. Kushner / Publisher: SAGE Publications / Pages: 538 / Format: PDF
ISBN : 0761924086 / Size: 5.72 MB / Language: English

Grade 9 Up-According to the preface, work on this exhaustive reference was begun a year before the September 11th attacks. The broad focus is on terror incidents both past and present, which are defined by three factors: "method- target- and the purpose." Kushner has gathered the type of information for which teen researchers are clamoring: biographies of key individuals, the histories of various terrorist groups both foreign and domestic, and a full discussion of specific incidents. Some of the latter may be difficult to find; for example, the siege at the Branch Davidian complex is found under "Waco"; there is a see reference from "David Koresh," but not from "Branch Davidian." The search for information, however, is aided by a comprehensive index. There are few illustrations, all of them in black and white. A "Reader's Guide" at the front of the volume gives broad subject headings to follow. Appendixes include maps that pinpoint terrorist incidents, a good list of Web sites, a valuable chronology of attacks in the U.S. and on U.S. interests abroad, and a lengthy bibliography. This work is ideal for libraries looking for a one-volume reference on this timely topic.

Key Features

* More than 300 authoritative, in-depth articles
* Extensive, balanced coverage of terrorist groups (such as the IRA), key events (including September 11), people, terms, and statistics, as well as biographical, historical, and geographical information
* Cross-references to related entries at the end of each article
* Comprehensive, global coverage
* Valuable appendices include: list of government organizations, list of terrorist organizations, list of well known female terrorists, detailed list of further reading
Хотя автор американец, но для общего развития, можно ознакомиться с "энциклопедией" ;)

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